Classified Ad Wizard was created to make it fast and easy for businesses to advertise on classified ad websites, especially Craigslist.

With a well-designed ad and a little persistence, you will be able to attract a stream of high quality customers. Taking some time to carefully word and add photos will help you get the most out of Craigslist.

We recommend using the social media template. This will leverage your efforts in two ways. First, you will show your future customers that you're are a real business and qualified in your profession. Many people are skeptical on the web for good reason. If you link to your social media sites, you will show that you are indeed legitimate. Scammers and unqualified professionals are highly unlikely to have permanent social media profiles.

Second, you will get more "likes" and followers. If a customer finds you on Craigslist and eventually clicks "like" on your Facebook page, all their friends will see that a new customer has liked your business. Given that the average person has around 150 or so friends, the number of impressions your business gets can add up quickly.